What is an international logistics company?

What is an international logistics company?

International logistics company: It is a type of multinational enterprise mainly engaged in the design, planning, implementation, and management of logistics services. Its business involves domestic and international logistics supply chain, warehousing and distribution, air transportation, sea transportation, freight forwarding, logistics consulting, and other aspects. International logistics companies provide logistics services globally and are committed to providing customized logistics solutions for customers.


The role of an international logistics company:

International logistics companies play an indispensable role in the global logistics industry, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  1. Serving the needs of global transportation and supply chains

International logistics companies are rooted in global markets, utilizing their powerful networks, business capabilities, and technological means to provide logistics services on a global scale. Through its comprehensive global transportation network, international logistics companies can seamlessly connect their logistics systems to meet customer demands for global transportation and supply chains

  1. Enhancing the convenience of international trade

International logistics companies utilize their professional logistics services to provide customers with global logistics solutions and enhance the convenience of international trade. International trade requires fast transportation and safe delivery of goods. International logistics companies have professional skills and experience in this area, and with their rich resources and global network, make global trade more convenient and efficient

      3.A comprehensive logistics solution

International logistics companies provide customized logistics solutions for customers, providing one-stop logistics services in various aspects from supply chain management to sea, air, land, and warehouse management. Customers can choose different logistics services according to their own needs, and international logistics companies will also customize logistics plans according to customer needs and adjust them flexibly according to actual situations during the operation

  1. Improve global logistics service level

International logistics companies continuously improve the level of global logistics services by investing in them. Its comprehensive logistics system, global network, and modern logistics facilities strongly support global logistics. At the same time, international logistics companies are actively introducing new technologies, equipment, and facilities to make logistics work visual, automated, information-based, and intelligent.

International logistics company

The services provided by an international logistics company:

  1. Shipping services:

Sea freight is one of the most commonly used transportation methods in international logistics.

It transports goods from one country to another through ships.

Sea freight services can be divided into full container transportation and bulk transportation.

In full container transportation, the goods are loaded into containers, and provide full monitoring and tracking services to ensure the safe arrival of the goods at the destination.

In bulk transportation, goods are transported in the form of loose cargo, which is more suitable for the transportation of large quantities of goods.

  1. Air freight services:

Air freight is another important mode of transportation in international logistics.

It quickly transports goods from one country to another by plane.

Air freight services have the characteristics of being fast and efficient, especially suitable for goods with urgent time requirements, such as fresh food, pharmaceutical products, etc.

At the same time, air freight services also provide cargo tracking and insurance services to ensure the safe delivery of goods.

  1. Land transportation services:

Land transportation service refers to the service of transporting goods from one country to another through roads or railways.

In international logistics, land transportation is usually used for short-distance transportation or inter-regional transportation.

It is fast and convenient and can provide door-to-door delivery services for customers.

In addition, land transportation services also include sea-land intermodal transportation, which means that after the goods are transported from the port to the destination, they are finally delivered by land transportation.


In addition to the main types of services mentioned above, international logistics company also involves various additional services such as customs clearance, insurance, warehousing, freight forwarding, etc.

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