Export & Import Electric Tricycles

Do you want to purchase an electric tricycle for daily use?


An electric tricycle is a transportation tool for carrying goods and people with battery as the energy source and electric motor as the power. Electric tricycles can flexibly drive on narrow roads and have the advantages of strong applicability, simple maintenance, easy repair, low price, etc. They are widely used in short-distance transportation for families, factories, sanitation, cleaning, etc.

electric car with battery

With the production and sales of many Chinese electric tricycle manufacturers, Chinese electric tricycles have gone to the world. Recently, a Chinese girl married to an American bought her husband’s father an electric tricycle from China as a Christmas gift ushered in a hot debate on the Internet, they can install a license plate on this electric tricycle through legal procedures in the United States, and the neighbors have been envious and want an electric tricycle, from which it seems that Chinese-made electric tricycles are very popular in foreign countries.

Of course, the problem that needs to be considered is what kind of way to ship from China to the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries. Our company has researched many options for this and has successfully shipped electric tricycles to more than 50 customers from various countries so far.


why is it difficult to export electric tricycles?


The main reason is that electric tricycles are equipped with batteries, in international transportation, the transportation of batteries is rigorous, the price will be relatively expensive, so many customers have to give up purchasing, Worldcargo has therefore done a lot of research in the transportation cost, how to ensure that an electric tricycle is transported to the customer’s doorstep under the condition of cheap freight.

First, let’s understand the main process of exporting an electric tricycle:

  • It can be exported normally as a general cargo if it doesn’t come with a battery.
  • If you just export one or two, you can choose LCL export. The general cost of LCL export is the sea freight, warehousing fees, customs fees, and the cost of the trailer from the warehouse to the LCL warehouse!
  • If you purchase a lot of tricycles and need to use FCL to export, you can first determine whether you need 20 feet or 40 feet according to the size and weight of the container, and how many containers you need to export. The cost components are generally sea freight, port charges, customs clearance fees and trailer costs.

Export & Import

Maybe you are more concerned about how to export an electric car with a battery


With batteries, the booking of the cabin will certainly need MSDS (MSDS), transportation identification report, booking to provide these two reports to the shipping company audit, before you can book the cabin.

Dangerous goods declaration is also needed. Since the electric car contains a power supply, it must be declared as dangerous goods when exported and submitted to customs for examination.

Of course, Worldcargo as a sea freight agent is very familiar with the export transportation and customs declaration of electric cars, and we can help our customers solve all kinds of problems and prevent unnecessary troubles. We are very familiar with different shipping companies and different routes for the approval of electric cars, and we can speed up the booking speed and process.

Export & Import


Worldcargo also has a strong and perfect overseas agent network, which can provide door-to-door services and can solve customs clearance, delivery, tax payment, and other one-stop services after arrival. Truly think of the customer’s thoughts, urgent customer’s urgency. Help customers solve their worries

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