A Design Guide – What to Discuss with your Plastic Molder for your Plastic Molding Project?

What to Discuss with your Plastic Molder for your Project?

A plastic molder will require a solid plan and design to turn your idea into an actual product. When creating custom plastic parts, plastic injection molding is most preferred. It balances functionality and costs and offers enough flexibility.

The quality manufacturers help you create the perfect piece as per your expectations and build an injection mold for high-volume production creation. So, if you have a plastic molding project on your mind, consider the following designs to discuss with your design engineer for your custom plastic injection molding needs.

Things to consider when choosing the right plastic molder partner

Let’s have a look at the following things that are considered by the best plastic molder to enhance the cosmetic appearance and moldability of a part while reducing the overall production time.

1.Parts role

It is vital to specify the role of injection molded parts – is it going to be a small part of another piece or a stand-alone piece? Fundamentals of design, size of the product, whether it has stretch requirements, pressure and chemical exposure aspects are all important factors that must be considered when creating a design.


Check if your plastic molder is maintaining a uniform wall thickness. It ensures that there are no weakened spots where wear and pressure can cause issues after plastic mold manufacturing.

Firstly, thick-walled areas are filled with melted plastic, and later on, it moves to smaller areas.

The uniformity helps in eliminating most of the manufacturing defects and ultimately provides a viable product.

3.Rib Design

If you want to increase stiffness, adding stiffeners and thick hollow profiles is definitely a very good option. Ribs are thin wall-like structures that attribute durability and strength to injection molded parts. Generally, the thick walls contain your product.

4.Designing Elements

Several design elements such as gate replacements, weld lines, bosses, and vent placements must be taken care of. These design elements must serve the purpose of enabling injection-molded parts to meet stringent requirements for maximum load and durability during operation. The design checklist includes:

  • Bosses – Bosses assist pins and screws and must be the same thickness as ribs.
  • Weld Lines – Careful planning is required for weld lines so that there is no weak spot in the connection of two flows and it does not compromise the integrity.
  • Gates and Vents – There are also strict requirements on where vents and gates are placed, not just to fill the mold, but to allow gases to escape.

plastic molder


A plastic molder or a design engineer can help in plastic mold manufacturing, making the process of injection molding easier and more affordable. It is possible to reproduce the complex parts at low costs once the mold is manufactured. However, modifications to the mold designs at later stages of development become expensive. Thus it is important to achieve the best results the first time.

The best manufacturers for plastic injection molding help in avoiding defects and making the design perfect. So, choose wisely!

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