Why Select China CNC machining service for your Workload

Industrial parts production needs safety, accuracy, and cost-saving efficiency. Some industries begin with the old-fashioned manufacturing process, manual machining. However, the process is prone to product inconsistencies, operator accidents, and room for error. Thankfully, some processes offer a solution to this problem: China CNC Machining service.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a cost-effective and versatile manufacturing process. It is compatible with various materials. This process uses Pre-Programmed software for the operation of machinery and factory tools. As such, CNC machining is used in various industries and applications.

Manufacturers use CNC machining in various ways: direct or indirect manufacturing process or conjunction with another manufacturing process.

This guide contains detailed information about China’s CNC machining service. It will discuss CNC applications, various materials used for CNC machining parts, and the types of CNC machines.


What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is a type of metalworking process used in various jobs. This process entails using computer-controlled machine tools for glass, metal, plastic, and other materials for the automatic creation of parts.

The term CNC was coined by George Charles Hill in 1954. A computerized controlled method is a good process as it eases the production of complicated shapes that other manual production methods cannot handle. This makes CNC-machined parts more affordable than those made using traditional production techniques. Also, it helps reduce labor costs for companies that adopt its use.


Types of CNC machine: CNC milling and CNC turning.

  • CNC Milling Machine

CNC milling is a machine that processes various parts on the workpiece with a milling cutter. The rotary of the milling cutter is the primary motion, whereas the parts and milling cutter moves in the feed motion.

  • CNC Turning Machine

It is a machine that uses CNC lathe tools to turn the rotating part.


Applications of CNC Machining Service

China’s CNC machining service virtually comes with lots of benefits in various industries. They are suitable for any products and parts production. Starting from direct parts production to rapid prototyping, we will look at the various industrial applications of CNC machining service.


Automotive industry

The automotive industry enjoys China’s CNC machining service which uses CNC milling machines for prototyping and production. The extruded metals can be machined into gearboxes, axles, valves, cylinder blocks, and other components. Also, CNC can machine plastics into components such as gas gauges and dashboards.

CNC machining service in China is also helpful in creating custom parts. This is possible because of the quick turnaround and the minimum quantity of the necessary parts.


Consumer Electronics

The increased demand for consumer electronics worldwide has greatly contributed to the growth of China’s CNC machining service. CNC machining is used in the prototyping and production of consumer electronics. Such electronics include smartphones, laptops, and much more. For example, if you look at the Apple MacBook chassis, it results from CNC machining extruded of aluminum and anodized. Also, it helps in the creation of fixtures, housings, jigs, PCBs, and many more components.

china cnc machining service 

Aerospace Industry

CNC machining has a great history with the aerospace industry in safety-critical applications and the machining of metal aircraft components that need high-level precision. In addition, the various engineering metals that are compatible with CNC give aerospace engineers multiple options. Some CNC-machined components include fuel access panels, landing gear components, fuel flow components, and engine mounts.


Oil and gas industry

This industry needs tight tolerance for safety-critical applications. The industry uses CNC milling machines for pistons, valves, pins, and cylinders. These are the most common parts used in refineries or pipelines. The most common material used is aluminum, as they are corrosion resistant.


Health Sector

CNC machining is suitable for one-off custom parts, making it perfect for the medical industry. In addition, CNC machining has high tolerance making it suitable for high-performance machined medical components. Some of the medical parts produced through this process include orthotics, implants, electronic enclosures, and surgical instruments.


Defense Industry

CNC machining is essential in the defense industry for prototyping rugged parts. This process aims to enable parts to withstand wear and tear. In addition, CNC’s ability to provide upgraded components and replace parts as needed is also a big help to the industry.

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