You Should Know The Types Of Plastic Rice Bag Design

Do you know the design of plastic rice bags? What are the characteristics of our common rice bag design? Why can rice bags bear heavy weight? You should know the types of plastic rice bag designs, If you are interested, please continue to read below!

Rice bags generally use more than 5 kg of plastic woven packing. Because the main raw material for polypropylene is woven plastic packaging resin. After extrusion, stretching, baking, qualitative form flat wire, again by flat wire formed by weaving plastic woven cloth backing material. The bag can then be cut and sewn according to size requirements. Of course, with the change of the market, plastic rice bag design will also use less than 5 kg soft bags as packaging, small and beautiful. In addition, plastic woven packaging because of its material structure is single. More than 95% of the product weight is polypropylene resin, so it is good for environmental protection and recycling, and the use of plastic woven bags is also very wide. Not limited to rice bags, it is also used for feed bags. Chemical bags, freight bags, flour bags, and so on.

plastic rice bag design
Plastic rice bag design is divided into a variety of, next I will introduce several common Plastic rice bag design types on the market, and belong Professional production of rice bags. There are coating bags, inner bag sealing designs, transparent window designs, and glue hand designs.

The first plastic rice bag design: Coated bag

This type of plastic rice bag is designed to melt PP resin at high temperature and pressure and coated on the surface of plastic woven cloth using a drench. Because this type of process is coated with a plastic film on the surface of the woven bag. It is also known as coated film in the industry. Compared with the ordinary woven bag. The surface of the coated bag is more complete and has a certain degree of waterproof function. And because the structure of the coated bag is more reliable, the printing effect is more beautiful. In general, the point of the coated bag can be summarized as antifouling, moisture-proof, and not easy to lose the edge.

The second type of plastic rice bag design is the inner bag sealing design bag

Inside the sealed bag type of plastic bag can be designed for dust products, and is difficult to fill, afraid of damp characteristics of dust, an increase in the internal woven bags in a PE bag inside, and utilizing ultrasonic bonding. Inside the bag with the opening of the braided packing for the opening of the adhesive. To realize high density, and moisture and prevent leakage phenomenon.

The third plastic rice bag design: Transparent window design bag

Transparent window design bag, this type of plastic rice bag design material structure is generally. Transparent woven cloth, coating material, and BOPP printing film. Through blank film printing and the use of transparent plastic woven cloth as the substrate, a transparent window can be formed at the designated position on the packaging. To facilitate the sales of customers show the sales products in the packaging. And to increase the buyer’s sense of trust. Referring to past buyers of woven bags, they say customers prefer bags with clear windows. Perhaps because you can see the inside of the packaging bag, the quality of the product has been affirmed by consumers.

The fourth plastic rice bag design: a bag with a plastic handle design

This type of plastic rice bag design is a kind to bag by reserving 8 cm of white space based on ordinary packaging. Forms a hole through cold pressing, and supports plastic hand locks formed by injection molding. Which can make the terminal consumers more convenient to carry the product. And fully considering the convenience of use, the design is closer to the hand, smooth edge, feels comfortable, and labors are hands. Very suitable for sales malls and supermarkets, type of product packaging.

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