Everything You Need to Know About Wall Mount Wireless Access Points

Are you planning to upgrade the internet infrastructure at home or office? Wall-amount wireless access points are budget-friendly and offer long-term use. You can install them in a large working place, schools, hospitals, and warehouses. The access points will give you the bandwidth you expect to get things moving.


What are the advantages of wireless access points?

Easy Networking

Wall-mount wireless access points offer ease in networking. In other words, the feature eliminates the need for physical cables, which can entangle the staff or the employees. Wireless access points on walls cover a specific radius from a location. Realistically speaking, they can connect up to 30 devices.


Simplified Infrastructure

Wall-mount wireless access points do not require tedious research. However, some supervision is recommended. Moreover, the accessory has reduced the need for physical infrastructure. You can install the access points easily where installing cables is a nuisance. The cable might look unappealing or not practical at all.



Did you know wall-mount wireless points offer roaming? The seamless internal composition establishes a connection between an AP and a user in another spot. As a result, it allows the individual to move freely without feeling restricted to a specific location. No one loses connectivity, and work productivity is not disturbed.


More range

A wall-mount wireless access point offers a wider range of connections than conventional internet systems. The signal stretches from 100 to 300 meters in contrast to wireless routers. The latter accessory does not offer more than 10 to 12 meters of coverage. A wall-mount wireless access point is the answer.


Which is the best place to install wall-mount wireless points?

Read below some of the best places to install and mount a wireless point for a seamless internet connection.

  1. Firstly, the supervisor must conduct a detailed analysis of the location to identify the locations for installing wall access points. It will optimize the results.
  2. Secondly, you must install access points at a safe distance from corners, walls, and tight spaces. In addition, look out for other tangible barriers that might distort the signals.
  3. You must install the wall-mount wireless access points at an elevated angle for better reception. It will improve their performance immensely.
  4. Do not install wireless access points on ceilings or their drop versions. It will not look appealing to the eyes.
  5. Refrain from installing wall-mount wireless access points near microwave ovens, televisions, air conditioners, and elevators. The rays emitted will interfere with the internet signals.
  6. Do not install two wall-mount wireless points in proximity. You must maintain a safe distance for optimal network signals and performance.
  7. Are you installing access points on multiple stories? If so, the internet wireless accessory must be mounted strategically to cover vertical and horizontal locations.
  8. If you wear radiation risks, use antennas to direct the signals from wall-mount access points.
  9. Do not place access points near lighting equipment or other conductive items/materials.
  10. Lastly, the supervisor must conduct a survey yearly after installation.

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