Why is a diving compass so important?

As it has been proven in centuries past, a compass is useful for navigating into unknown territory. The world underwater remains a mystery to the denizens of the land. Hence, a diving compass is more than a boon to brave explorers underwater.

It can be easy for professional divers to disregard the diving compass. As they can use their surroundings to distinguish one place from another. However, people who are new to the profession of underwater exploration are quick to be distracted by the scenery and the plethora of life that inhabit it. Thus, it is important for divers; new and old alike to have and use a dive compass.

How to use a diving compass?

A diving compass consists of four cardinal directions. A 360-degree ring is placed on the outer edges of the compass. A red line is seen on the surface of the compass, on top of the cardinal directions. Called the lubber line, it points to the direction you are facing at the moment.

For the diving compass to work optimally, you would better swim in a straight line. then will you get an accurate reading of the surroundings?  If you wish to turn right, then add 90 degrees to whatever bearing is currently being shown.  This is because the compass is read clockwise. If the calculation ends up with more than 360 degrees, then subtract 360 degrees from the calculation to get an accurate reading. It will require some practice but once you get used to it, navigating the underwater plains will never be easier.

Diving Compasses

Features of a diving compass:

-Tilt Compensation: It is a measure of how much a diver can tilt without reducing the reading accuracy. Evey diving compass has this feature.

-Durability: A dive compass is not a consumable item, it needs to be able to be used for a long time without damage, and the higher the durability, the better.

-Size: Diving compasses are usually small to incorporate with the other assortment of equipment the diver is donning. Although small, they have enough space for the readings to be read accurately.

Best Diving Compasses:

Most diving compasses come paired with an oxygen tank. It will provide a more balanced experience for both amateurs and veterans alike. Whether you are new to diving or an experienced diver, you can quickly experience the fun of diving with our professional diving equipment.

How to choose the right diving compass supplier

In order to find a suitable dive compass supplier, you can consider the following factors: brand reputation, product quality, price and customer reviews. Before choosing a supplier, you can search for some well-known diving compass brands online and check out their products and customer reviews. Next, you can contact authorized dealers of these brands or conduct on-site inspections at diving supply stores. In the end, you can choose the best diving compass supplier for you based on your needs and budget.

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