What’s the Best Equipment for Air Divers?

Do you Know air divers? Air diving is a sport that has been in practice for many years. It involves diving into the water using only compressed air. While many air divers undertake it for professional sporting, most others do it for leisure. There are two types of air diving: open-circuit and closed-circuit.

Open-circuit is where the diver’s tank is connected to a regulator. Which provides breathing gas at ambient pressure to the diver. The tank is then vented from time to time as it empties, lowering the pressure in it and hence its flow rate. Closed-circuit is where a re-breather supply breathing gas under higher pressure than ambient so that the flow rate does not change with depth.

In recent years, air diving has become one of the most loved sports in the world, with many people participating for leisure and winning tournaments. It is an extreme sport of diving deep into the ocean while currying proper breathing equipment. There are many dangers associated with this sport, but the thrill of deep diving attracts most people to it.

Mini Scuba Oxygen Tank for Air Divers

The mini oxygen tank for diving is the perfect companion for air divers. It is lightweight, small, and can be carried easily in the pocket of the diver’s suit or clipped to their belt. This makes it very convenient for divers as they do not have to carry it in their hands or back like other tanks.

Mini scuba tanks come in various sizes and are usually either 220 or 230 cubic feet. The tank size you need depends on how deep you plan to dive, the length of the dives, and weight. Our excellent mini scuba oxygen tank size for air divers allows you to dive at a depth of up to 32 feet.

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How Long Does a Diver’s Oxygen Tank Last?

If you are looking for a scuba tank that lasts long, you need to know what type of diving you will be doing. For example, a 1-liter scuba tank can last for about 45 minutes. This is when a diver is at a depth of 10 meters. The air inside the tank will last longer at shallower depths, but it will also get warmer.

The duration of this tank depends on the pressure, depth, and temperature. It is more likely that a diver will need to resurface before the tank runs out of air if they are diving in colder water or at a shallower depth.

Need air diving equipment? Take action now

With a wide range of air diving equipment on the market, leading suppliers have everything you need for a successful, safe air diving experience. There are many reasons why you might need air diving equipment. You may want to explore the underwater world. May be your job requires you to do so, or you are a relevant retailer. Finding a professional supplier is definitely a good choice, take action now and explore the beautiful ocean world

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