Recommend 6 islands suitable for snorkeling diving

What is snorkeling diving?

Snorkeling diving is not only an activity of floating on the water surface, it includes the skills of floating, diving, ascent, drainage, ventilation, breathing, self-rescue and equipment selection and use, etc. In addition to the coordination of personal motor nerves, it also A trainer and a series of courses are required for education and practice, and many techniques are practiced with dangerous situations in mind. Snorkeling diving beginners only need to master a few skills in a short time to use the three treasures of snorkeling diving (ie snorkeling mask, snorkel, fins), because the snorkel solves the most difficult breathing problem in swimming, so compared with Learning to swim is much easier.


Recommend 6 islands suitable for snorkeling diving

  1. Maldives: Full Moon Island, Maldives, there are more than 50 floating houses on the coral reef waters; Paradise Island: a famous ultra-luxury island, the blue of the sea is pure pink blue; Kani Island: You can enjoy the beauty plus the luxury of ClubMed.
  2. Guam is one of the top ten diving holy places in the world. You can enjoy the fun of diving and sightseeing, especially if you are traveling with a family, Guam is definitely the best choice.
  3. Redang Island, the main island of Redang is also called the “Heart of the Ocean” because of its shape. The most not to be missed is the outlying island snorkeling. The most suitable time is from May to October every year. You can go to the snorkeling diving site in a large boat with full armor, reef fish will shuttle around you, and colorful tropical fish and soft living coral dancing with the current.
  4. In Saipan, there is a shallow water beach where even cats who are afraid of water can safely play in the water. Put on the diving mirror, plunge into the water, and use the most “lazy cat” method to say hello to Nemo and wave to the coral.
  5. PIPI island is a world-renowned diving paradise, from seamounts to reefs towering above the sea, from shallow corals to deep sea marine life, from upright lime walls to unfathomable caves. Amazing creation.
  6. Bali Island, with warm sea water, large coral reefs, and rich marine life.

snorkeling diving

Safety Precautions

Snorkeling diving is by no means as safe as imagined. Because the snorkeling personnel is not professional and the equipment is relatively simple, the possibility of danger is even greater. Tourists should be especially careful of rip currents, as there have been many instances of swimmers being injured by rip currents, some exhausted fighting rip currents. Therefore, professionals remind us that when the current breaks from the sea, do not swim through the gaps between the reefs below.


Gentle Reminder: Protecting the Marine Ecological Environment.

Don’t touch corals when snorkeling diving, don’t wear sunscreen and go into the water

The main cause of coral reef bleaching is ocean acidification caused by global warming, and ocean acidification will lead to frequent tornadoes on tropical islands. Not only corals, sea creatures, and us on land will all suffer crises. In addition, the UV protection chemicals in sunscreen have also caused irreversible damage to coral colonies!

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