How to use a fiber laser marking machine effectively

Fiber laser marking machines can be used for many things and in a variety of industries. This blog is here to help you understand a little more about these versatile machines.

Fiber laser markers are complex machines, but with a bit of know-how, you can run yours effectively and efficiently! Make sure to follow this guide on how to use a fiber laser marking machine so that you can achieve success in your company.


fiber laser marking machine


Acquire the right software: Fiber laser marking machine

The operating system of an industrial computer is very important for the operation of a fiber laser marking machine. The operating system would have to be reliable, and the operator and control software must work together. To guarantee the running stability of the industrial computer, we recommend that you install a special operating system for industrial control of the fiber laser marking machines. The most popular operating systems are Windows XP and Windows 7. These two operating systems have been tested by many users and are very stable.

The motion control card driver or motion control card developing program is the software that controls the mobility of the fiber laser marking machine. The main functions of this software are to read signals from various limit switches, control pulse output signals to drive stepping motors or servo motors, and complete complex mechanical movements such as rapid movement, line cutting, curve cutting, and circle cutting in space. There are various types of motion control cards on the market, so you need to select one that is compatible with your operating system or choose an integrated development platform.


Address the temperature: Fiber laser marking machine

A fiber laser marking machine is a kind of high-tech product. It is mainly used in the field of laser marking. It is mainly used for marking metals and non-metals, and the logo and text are marked out. Because the marking effect is more attractive and clear, users prefer it. This kind of equipment has high requirements for temperature during use. Because it is not allowed to be used in a high-temperature environment and cannot be used in a low-temperature environment.


Temperature requirement:

If the temperature of the fiber laser marking machine exceeds 25 degrees, it will cause damage to the machine’s PCB board, which will lead to the failure of the core components on the PCB board. If you don’t know anything about repairing circuit boards, you may need to replace them. Of course, this will increase your production costs; if the temperature is too low, it will damage other components of the machine, or even cause parts to fall off due to thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, we must control the temperature within 25 degrees Celsius when using the fiber laser marking machine, because only in this way can we extend its service life and ensure normal production.


Choosing the right power supply

A fiber laser marking machine is a type of laser marking system that uses a fiber laser as the laser source, then uses a scanner to mark various materials. The power supply is one of the key components of a fiber laser marking machine.

The power supply of the fiber laser marking machine directly affects the quality of the laser beam and the output power of the laser, so it is very important to choose the right power supply for your fiber laser marking machine.

When choosing a power supply for your fiber laser marking machine, you should take into account three factors:

  1. The parameters of your local grid, such as voltage level, power output, and absolute maximum current;
  2. The parameters required by your fiber laser device;
  3. The price, after-sales service, and other factors of different power supplies.


Always keep your fiber laser marking machine clean

The fiber laser is a high-precision laser marking machine with a good beam mode, which can greatly improve the marking efficiency. If the fiber laser marking machine is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the accuracy of the machine and affect its life. So how do we clean the fiber laser marking machine?

  1. Cleaning of optical lens

The cleaning of the optical lens of the fiber laser marking machine is relatively simple to operate. First, we need to prepare two cotton swabs. One of them needs to be wetted with alcohol and then used to clean the optical lens of the fiber laser marking machine. Then use another cotton swab to wipe clean until there is no dust on the surface of the optical lens!

  1. Cleaning of the galvanometer mirror

The cleaning method of the galvanometer mirror is similar to that of an optical lens, but when cleaning the galvanometer mirror, you need to pay attention to its position and force, don’t use too much force, otherwise, it may cause damage to the galvanometer mirror!

  1. Air-conditioning chiller maintenance

The air-conditioning chiller of the fiber laser marking machine also needs cleaning in daily use. The cleaning method is similar.

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